• Product Version: 3.9.0
  • Last Updated: 27.08.2021
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WP Smush Pro WPMU Automate optimizing and resizing every image between someone who is listing on your WordPress Multisite. You can speed up your website or save space. WP Smush Pro gives you amazing control over the site.

For anyone who is using the WordPress platform for their website, they need to have WP Smush Pro included in their plugins. With this plugin, you can optimize every photo available on your site with just a few simple clicks. Not only does it optimize images for SEO purposes, but it also can optimize your Google PageRank and enhance the functionality of your site. But just what exactly does this plugin do? We will answer that as well.

Let us start by understanding what it does. When you upload a photo to your WordPress site, it does not copy the original size. It resizes it. If you are wondering what happens when you upload a large image, then you need to understand how WP Smush Pro works. When you upload a photo, the plugin will check to see if there is a large enough space to upload that image without making it lose quality or resizing it so that it loses too much quality.

The reason that you see images that are stretched is because of the compression that occurs during the transfer. Compression of images happens all the time. When an image is saved through digital photography, the data from that camera is compressed before being sent to the computer to be stored. That is why you often get blurry images when transferring photos. You are compressing everything during that process. This is why you see very large images when you are viewing them through a computer monitor.

Well, this is where wp smush who comes into play. It has the ability to save space when you compress existing images. That means that you can save two things when you use this plugin: you get more space to put your content and you get to save money on the transfer process. That is pretty valuable when you think about it. Let me explain how that works.

When you download and install wpsmush pro, it installs several different components. One of those components is the wpmuxe dev package. wpmsuxe is the actual WordPress Multimedia Plugin you will need in order to actually start using the plugin. There are several other components as well, but those are the ones you need to concern yourself with. The other thing you should concern yourself with is the wpmsu dashboard plugin.

This particular component displays what you are saving in the form of a gallery in a sidebar on your site. You can do practically anything with this panel including transferring images. This is the one component that you will want to take the time to learn. Once you get a feel for how everything works with this WP Smush Pro plugin, you can start expanding outwards to other plugins and different areas on your site.

Once you have learned how to upload a jpeg, there is really not much left to learn. In my case, that was about 95% of what I did know when I was dealing with the original images. There are other tips and tricks you can use though. One of them is to compress whatever images you have into a smaller size. By doing this, you will make the webpages load faster.

You may wonder why you would want to do that, right? Well, imagine if your website’s pages took forever to load. That is certainly not user-friendly, is it? So, to combat that problem, and to promote website speed and efficiency, it would be wise to use a lossless compression plugin like wpsmush pro. It is also smart to look for an online tutorial that teaches you the ins and outs of a super-smush compression.

WP Smush Pro WordPress plugin Features

  • Bulk Smush
  • To save space and speed up your page, compress existing images.
  • Super Smush
  • Our intelligent multi-pass lossy compression technology delivers 2x more compression than lossless.
  • Smush without Loss
  • For the best lossless compression, Smush extracts every byte from your images.
  • Resize Images
  • Large images can be set to max width and height, and will automatically scale when uploaded.
  • Restore Originals
  • Keep original files safe so that you can quickly restore quality for times when you are in dire need.
  • Auto-Smush
  • Smush will automatically compress images and keep your site up-to-speed.
  • Save EXIF data
  • This is a great option for photographers who want to attach image information.
  • Lossy JPEG in PNG
  • Smush converts PNG files into lossy JPEG files when additional savings are found.
  • Compress Large Files
  • WP Smush Pro optimises images up to 32MB from your camera directly to your website.
  • 200% faster
  • Smush Pro’s CPU boosters compress images up to 200% faster than Smush Free.
  • Directory Smush
  • You can optimize images by adding other directories.
  • S3 Cloud Smush
  • Smush can be used with WP Offload S3 in order to optimize your Amazon S3 cloud-based media library.
  • Image CDN
  • For faster page speeds and lighter images, serve your images from our lightning-fast 40 Tbps CDN.
  • Conversion to WebP
  • Smush converts WebP images to HTML on supported browsers (+25% less than JPEG or PNG).
  • Wrong Size Detection
  • We’ll serve the correct size images to your images if they don’t match the containers.

Smush compresses images stored in the WordPress upload directory by default. The images are then sent to the WPMU Dev server. This optimizes them for the web. It does not save converted webP images, unlike Imagify or ShortPixel.

Smush won’t convert your JPEG/PNG images to WebP, and will not store them on your server. The WebP images will be lost if you change plugins or use another CDN.

Auto-Smush can automatically scale and compress images after they are uploaded. This makes it even quicker. Smush can compress images and also run them from a Smush CDN. This can be activated with just one click. Premium users can activate SmushCDN to allow their web pages images to be operated from a CDN server.

Smush Pro is the WordPress image optimization plugin with the best speed and quality. Optimize, compress, and shrink images to a dazzling quality. Optimization Optimization and optimization with Smush to reduce images without visible quality loss.

WP Smush makes use of the WPMU developers’ super server to smash all your images and remove unnecessary data, without slowing down your site. WP Smush scans all images you upload to your website and removes any unnecessary data. It also scales them back once you add them to your media library. The Pro plugin reduces the size of your images without compromising visual quality.

WP Smush makes it easy to optimize images and upload them to WordPress. WP Smush was designed to optimize Multisite’s performance so that you can quickly optimize images and move on to other sites. Easy to use, the wp-smush plugin allows you to browse your images and then upload them to your website.

After activating the plugin you will have two options to shred images: individual or mass image optimization. You can shred up 50 images in one click. Each image can be shred separately. The mass directory for smash pictures is asynchronous and includes auto-smash or super-smash lossy compress, which scales with the image you upload and converts lossy JPEGs and PNGs into smash images of up to 32MB.

WP-Smush Pro plugin compresses images by up to 200% more than the free version. WP-SMUSH, also known as Smush Image Compression & Optimization, is a WordPress plugin repository. It allows you to shred images in order to improve the performance and load time of your pages.

You can convert images in many formats, including JPEG, JPEG and PNG. It can also compress and optimize images to be used on your WordPress site.

This removes the limitation on image size of 5MB for the Pro version and 32MB for the Free plugin. You should note, however, that WPMU Dev’s Smush It free plugin does not compress original images. Show Source Texts

You can convert the file to another format. Also, you can choose which format results in the smallest image size. This plugin, unlike the other plugins, allows you to set the maximum image size. WP-Smush is a plugin that can reduce the file size, but it’s not the best.

Site operators are very concerned about image optimization. There are many plugins available that allow you to optimize images without having to use Photoshop or any other online tool. Optimizing images involves reducing, dimensioning, and delivering them in WebP or other modern formats. Image optimization can be applied in one of two ways.

The WP Smush plugin has been used on many sites over the years. This is an excellent test for optimizing images for WordPress. I’ve reviewed many image enhancement options for photographers using WordPress. You can resize your image file but each photographer has their own pricing and preferences.

WPSMush Pro (Free download) WP Smush Pro, a premium WordPress optimization plugin, can be used to reduce image sizes and speed up websites in general. This plugin is available as a free download. It is an easy-to use image optimization plugin for WordPress. Smush WordPress plugin lets you optimize images without sacrificing quality.

WP-Smush Pro plugin can optimize any image that you add to your website and fix your Google page in just one click. Pissing, the best image SEO plugin WordPress has ever seen, is Pissing. WP Smush Pro CDN manages your images in lightning-fast 65Tbps CDN at more than 45 locations around the globe.

It is an easy and simple way for beginners to optimize images and improve their pages’ performance. You will love Smush lossless compression and WebP image delivery. WP: Smush Pro is the most expensive option for image optimization, even though it offers discounts.