Download Traveler – Theme for Travel Booking WordPress It helps you save time, money, face, and all the other things that go with online travel booking: Fully customizable booking form, flexible online payment options.

  • Product Version: 2.9.6
  • Last Updated: 17.08.2021
  • 1 Year Of Free Updates

Traveler – Travel Booking WordPress Theme helps you Save Time, Save Money, Save Face, Save everything can Save to make online booking travel

Theme for Traveler – Booking WordPress Theme You can save time Save Money Save Face Everything can be saved Online booking of travel: Fully customizable booking form, online payments, automatic notifications, earning from Affiliate system. Sync with Google Calendars, Trip Advisor Calendars, Calendars, Home Away Calendars.

Raveler It is not only a Travel Booking Engine. It is easy to switch on or off any service that you wish to use for your purpose.

We have over 6 years experience in travel products and are confident that we can bring you the best product to your site. UX/UI Search engine: mobile friendly

Below are the supper features provided by Traveler

15 pre-made demos. Keep updating with the best UI/UX optimization and stay in touch with what’s hot in travel around the globe.

You have more than 400+ flexible options in the Theme Options to create a dynamic system.

– You can use our pre-made layout to create your own layout.

– We can help you create any type of travel website, whether it’s for a tour agency, tour operator or travel blogger. You can also book directly from the site.

– Partner/Vendor can upload listings for free or pay.

– A fully customizable booking form that can easily be customized for any device using Form Builder.

Form Builder allows you to create many different types of fields (text fields, drop-down list, multiple choices ..),, and other fields). You can also make custom fields mandatory or optional.

WooCommerce checkout for multi-items with many add-ons.

Multi-language compatibility with WPML layout and RTL layout with Arabic languages.

– Support Membership functions built-ins, allows partner/vendor to buy a package for uploading listing by Free, Paid.

You can configure and make your site as user-friendly as you like with a strong filterable, sortable, and searchable booking list.

Add unlimited attributes to each service such as make a category for hotel, tour, car, rental, activity, flight, hotel, room. This attribute can also be embedded on the filter search advances form.

Advanced Search Support – Make searchable more powerful by making Advanced Search easier

For building location structures by your own way, use the Support Location post type. Included in the lat&longtidule section of google map.

You can use many services to make your site a success.

– Create a Marketplace system, or a single site that offers all the services you want.

Admin, Buyer, Partner/Vendor and Vendor Friendly Dashboard

– Vendors and partners can upload their listing to the system. They can then manage their profile, online booking calendar, and booking history, with completed and pending status.

– Built-in analytics that includes booking statistics, in balance, income, and chart statistics. You can filter by date to see more visually.

– Invoice management, system automatically make to Invoice attachment to email notification for each booking process.

Before booking, Vendor, Partner may communicate with the buyer through Inbox.

– View your booking history and see the status of your bookings such as canceled, pending, or completed.

Admin and Partner/Vendor Refund Manager Assist with the refund workflow between Vendor/Buyer and Site Owner.

WPML plugin allows you to automatically detect currency by language. You can also choose to change the language or assign currency for each language system.

Flexible to create different email templates for notifications using shortcodes build ins.

– Supports many major OTA Calendar syncs ICal, such as Google Calendar, TripAdvisor Calendar and Airbnb Calendar, HomeAway Calendar, and TripAdvisor Calendar.

– You can control all pricing with the date calendar.

Client can choose to make a Tour Package that includes Flight, Accommodation, and Car.

– Use the weather API to display information on every location.

Set Discount by Date from One to All Services on Site

– You can make additional pricing for any service you need on-site. You can add more people, laundry or more beds. Any extra pricing setting that you need, optionally or required, is possible.

Use Coupons to get a coupon for one or all of your services.

Multi-language support, checked with WPML team. This team WPML works directly with us and will confirm each point to ensure 100% compatibility.

– With Normal Booking You can use up 10 different payment options: Submit form Paypal Paypal is adaptive Stripe Payfast Checkout Skrill PayUbiz Directpay. online (DPO), use for almost Africa. Paypal Adaptive Payment allows site owners to split payments to Vendor / Partner and site Owner in real-time. You can also set delay time.

You can use some plugins with Woo Commerce checkout. Woo Commerce PayPal Express Payment Woo Commerce Stripe Payment Gateway Woo Commerce Payment Gateway with Stripe YITH Woo Commerce Stripe Stripe Payment Gateway Woo Commerce Add on Woo Commerce Payment Gateway Woo Commerce Braintree Payment Gateway

– This is the right theme to start making money for bloggers, affiliates with some Hotel Combined

– Integrated by built-ins Google Facebook Login Register for differences as a normal user or Partner/Vendor user.

MegaMenu integration by WPBakery Visual composer very simple to use, can show icons and images with nice layout.

– Write a review of all services. You can choose to make reviews for any service that is available. To make it more useful for visitors, each reviewer can click Like/Unlike.

Multi-currency support, one currency can be set as Primary and the other as Secondary. The exchange rate will then be with Primary Currency.

Inventory for Hotel/Rooms to manage and see a complete overview of all bookings for all rooms.

– On-site Configuration Booking Fee by can be turned ON, OFF for match with your purpose

All services that are of interest to the buyer can be saved on a wishlist.

– Premium Support Team support answers any questions quickly.