Forums are among the most effective methods to connect with your customers or impact audiences in any area. That’s why it’s crucial, to begin with, reliable information. This comprehensive guide will show you how to build an online forum site, then make it a successful online enterprise and earn money through it.

I can help you understand how to set up forums and make them an instant success since I’ve completed them. Yes, I’ve made Forums an effective platform for members to get educated about digital marketing.

The forums have stats.

Since its beginning,

  • It has helped thousands of people around the world.
  • More than 20,400 people were a part of the group as of the writing time of this post.
  • They’ve debated over 1879 subjects on Forums.
  • They’ve also created more than 19,500 posts on the forum.

Are you looking to get this many or even more customers online? But, before you start, you’ll be asking whether it’s worth the effort. Let me share some of the advantages of starting forums first. Find out how to build an online forum and turn it into an online business success.

Benefits of Creating Forum Website

As with any other website, forum websites have many advantages. Furthermore, it can take advantage of content created by users (UGC). Let’s look at some of the advantages of launching an online forum for business.

Readers Keep Coming Back

Forums are akin to an online social media platform, but it’s only built around a particular subject. Therefore, forum users continue to return to participate, learn by participating. A lot of website owners have trouble maintaining their site’s visitors. However, with a forum, you benefit from the benefits of UGC.

Forum Can Be a Learning Center for Readers

On forums, users meet. They learn from you and one another as well. Forums can be an entire learning space for users. For instance, more than 20300 people are educated about digital marketing through Forums.

It also increases the loyalty of readers. I’m not able to answer all questions asked, but people take the time to answer them. You could also charge them monthly for membership in your forum. This is why I believe that forums are crucial for any SaaS company.

Enjoy the Power of UGC (User Generated Content)

Every digital marketer is looking to get the most attention of people. Companies spend an enormous amount of money creating material for their social networks sites and websites.

However, with a forum, users contribute content to your forum.

This is awe-inspiring. The content created by users creates trust in readers and improves the image of your brand. It also improves your site’s rank on search engines. The more content you’ve got on your website, the more the visibility of your website.

Get Product or Service Ideas

Through a forum, you gain exposure to similar people in your field. There’s an excellent chance to develop new ideas for products or services. It’s possible that you could be the next thing to be a hit around the globe.

A discussion forum can create ideas and spur the development process through crowdsourcing. If you are looking for feedback on your product or service? You will get the public to do that.

You’ve already created your product or service. You’ll get valuable customer feedback by using forums.

Offer the Best Customer Support

One of the advantages of having a forum on your site for business is enhancing customer service. If you own an enterprise that people would like to learn more about, then you need to set up a forum to ensure that your clients receive the full support they require.

For instance, Apple’s official support community is built on forums. Forum members visit their site to ask questions and receive official answers and responses from the community. Then there’s the WordPress Forums HubSpot Forums, Community, and other forums.

Once you’ve mastered what forums are capable of, let’s discover how to build forums in a matter of minutes.

How to Create Forum Website in 2021

There are numerous things to think about before establishing a forum company for yourself. For instance, you’ll need to find the best website hosting, theme, and plugins should you decide to utilize these. I’ll explain these steps in the step-by-step instructions listed below.

I also created an entire mini-course on how to create forums and make money out of them:

Buy the Domain Name for Forum Website

Don’t bother If there is already a domain for your forum’s website. This step is required when you’re beginning from scratch. Finding the best domain name requires a lot of research and effort. It could take just a few seconds or even a couple of days to select the domain name for your forum.

Take a look at what to look for in domain names:

  • Make sure you use a .com domain at all times
  • Choose a brandable domain
  • Hunt the tiniest domain you can
  • Beware of numbers and hyphens.
  • Think about using a keyword
  • Add the term “forums in a place.

What steps should you complete to buy the domain name for your forum’s website:

  • Make sure you choose the right domain registrar, such as NameCheap
  • Look for the domain name using the box for searching
  • Click’Add to Cart’ If it’s on sale
  • Click the “Checkout” button.
  • Input all payment details

You’re now ready to go. Now is the perfect time to select the most suitable hosting service that will host your site.

Pick the Right Hosting: How to Create Forum Website

There is no need to take this procedure if you’re looking to establish a forum on your existing website. If you’re looking to create a separate forum, it is essential to select the appropriate hosting service that will host the forum. Select Bluehost for those who don’t wish to spend lots of thought about the host. Why?

Since Bluehost is among the top favored hosting services globally, and WordPress has officially endorsed it. It also offers everything you need to get your forum up and run at affordable prices. Let me suggest another few choices for you to select from.

  • DigitalOcean (VPS hosting, with simple setup and affordable pricing)
  • Hostinger (Most budget-friendly hosting option)
  • Contabo (Best and most affordable VPS hosting service with no doubt)

I’ll choose Bluehost as an example since it is straightforward to establish, a speedy and inexpensive hosting service. Therefore, the initial step would be to visit and select “Get Started” there. This will lead you through the hosting shared plans.

Consider a 36-month plan as you will have the best value for hosting. For instance, when you write this blog, Bluehost offers to host for as little as $2.95/month. Aren’t you impressed? It’s also possible to improve when you want to.

After selecting a plan, Bluehost will set up your domain. You can choose to create an entirely new domain or utilize the one you already have. Sign up for your Bluehost account today, and then fill in the necessary details. Make payments using your credit card or different payment options.

This is the complete list of the steps you have to complete to register to Bluehost:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Get Started Select the plan you want to use.
  3. Find your domain or type in the one you have already
  4. Make your Bluehost account
  5. You must pay for the hosting
  6. Install the WordPress

You’re now ready to launch your forum’s website. However, first, you might prefer to use a software program to do this. Let me show you how to do that.

Choose a Software to Create Forum Website

You need software now to enable forum functionality on your website. To do this, you have four options. One option is to hire an experienced developer who can create forums for you entirely from beginning to finish. It could be costly.

You could end up paying for support. Three other options are:

  • WordPress Forum Theme
  • Forum Script on CodeCanyon
  • WordPress Plugins for Forums

Let’s learn how to create an online forum site by using one of the possibilities.

Choose a WordPress Forum Theme

WordPress is a great CRM to create an online forum without a doubt. It is possible to enhance its functionality by utilizing a couple of plugins too. There are many WordPress themes designed explicitly for forums and business.

An excellent illustration is ‘Dispute – WordPress Forum Theme for bbPress, which is available from ThemeForest. It’s a fantastic WordPress theme for people who wish to manage their forums with forum plugins like the bbPress Forum plugin.

The other WordPress forum themes include:

  • Kleo
  • Lynk
  • Neve
  • Gwangi
  • Social
  • Olympus
  • Socialize
  • BuddyBoss
  • ForumPress

The list goes on. I’ve chosen Neve to build an online forum for my course on YouTube.

Go for Forum Script on CodeCanyon

If you’re not a newbie, then you’ve probably already heard that I’m a massive supporter of CodeCanyon. There are a lot of scripts available for just about everything on the market today. Forum scripts aren’t a rare thing in this regard. For instance, Simple Forum is a fantastic script to build an independent forum site.

Check out the best highlights of Simple Forums today.

The steps you must follow to purchase forum scripts at CodeCanyon:

  • Go to CodeCanyon
  • Find ‘forum script’ on Google.’
  • Start the page of your preference
  • Click on ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart
  • After purchase, you can connect it to your host.

If you’re not willing to install the PHP script yourself, you might consider purchasing the services we offer here.

Select a Forum WordPress Plugin (like bbPress or WPForo Forum)

If your site is already a site that you manage using WordPress, you should look for forums plugins. They’ll add forum features to your website.

You can also manage a forum on your website with plugins such as BbPress or wpForo Forum.

Steps you should follow:

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Click to go to the plugins section.
  • Search for a forum plugin
  • Select a forum plugin of your preference
  • Connect it to your host
  • Change the settings

Then you’re ready to go.

I’ve selected wpForo to create Forums since it gives you an entire yet simple forum system for your website using WP. You’ll have everything you require to get started and expand your business on forums.

Guard Your Forum with Akismet: How to Create Forum Website

Every website on the planet is at risk from spammers and hackers. Forum sites are also more susceptible to these attacks than other websites. Why? It’s because forums are designed to allow users to create content.

It is essential to secure it after you’ve bought the domain hosting, software, and domain to set up your forum. I would recommend using an application such as Akismet to prevent spam.

The steps you must follow:

  • Visit or look for the word ‘Akismet’ within WordPress plugins
  • Download, install and activate it
  • Adjust its settings according to the settings you prefer

This is all! Your forum is secured by Akismet right now. I also utilize this plugin to shield the Forums from spammers. We’ll move to the final stage of making a forum right now.

Add Categories & Content to Your Forum

The final stage of making forums is to include categories and contents. With the intense competition worldwide and a growing number of forums, it is imperative to build forums that are based on a specific area of interest. You’re more likely to succeed if you focus on specific audiences.

I’ve uploaded a video to my YouTube channel that will help identify profitable niches to make money:

When you’ve decided on your subject, You must conduct thorough keyword research. Create categories and relevant questions. What do you need to do? It’s AnswerThePublic’s job. However, it could be quite expensive for you. What should you do?

  • Go to H-Supertools’ Questions Explorer
  • Include 1-2 keywords that are relevant to your field
  • Find a myriad of answers for those words

It’s that simple. Is. It’s not even necessary to pay a cent to get that. Include these questions in your answer and address them with the highest quality.

Here are some methods to come up with ideas for content for your forum’s website:

  • You can get ideas from Quora’s question topics, spaces, and topics
  • Find subreddits for the Reddit forums
  • Other forums can be found on and get ideas for content
  • Make use of your existing content on the forum

You’ll start getting traction after some time. But should you stand around and wait? No, not really. Let me show you how to succeed in your forum right now.

How to Make Your Forum Successful

Once you’ve set up your forum site and created a forum, you can’t stand back and watch it go on the right track. Be proactive in marketing the site and making it profitable possible. Then you can earn significant money from it.

Promote Forum on Quora, Pinterest, Reddit, and More

Promote your forum once you have created it. You can advertise it with various methods such as:

  • SEO (Optimize your website’s content to be indexed by search engines such as Google)
  • Social Media Marketing (Hone the potential that social media has)
  • Paid advertising (Put it where your mouth is)

My top methods for promoting your forum are SEO and social media platforms such as Quora, Pinterest, Reddit, and many more.

Make Money Fast With Quora Ads

For Quora, Create questions and answer sheets on your subject. Also, include hyperlinks back to your website naturally. Run Quora ads if possible.

Websites such as Quora, Pinterest, and Reddit are awash with users. I recommend creating boards on Pinterest and continue to share the Pins that include links to your website. Also, for Reddit, make an appropriate subreddit for your area of expertise and include the links to your forum.

You may also be looking to design a great landing page to turn your customers into members. In addition, you will benefit from their traffic by providing value to the visitors.

Create a video tutorial on how to make the most of Your Forum

After visitors have logged on to your site, they should be able to see a call to action. A great way to do this is to take visitors to a course to learn how to profit from your site. This increases the awareness of your members and builds loyalty to your forum too.

Create Good Discussion Topics

You’ve likely been through thousands of times reading that content is the king. This is true. But it’s not only about content, but rather it should be beneficial for your visitors. Make open-ended discussions on your forums to make a lengthy thread.

It will assist you in driving visitors to your site without a doubt.

Promote Members in Special Positions

This video has been encouraging my readers to take part in Forums so that they could be able to earn particular jobs. Promoting members is a good idea, and members will then advertise your forum. It’s a win-win-win for both you and your visitors too.

But how do you do it? In forums, I employ the WordPress plugin. It also comes with the feature ‘Member Reputation that is a powerful reputation-based system for users. It’s based upon regular interactions. The levels are 10, and at which members can pass.

In return, you could give them something. For instance, I’ve asked my readers to help promote and get the sum of $1000 in return.

Make Sure Push & Email Notification Are Enabled

Check that push as well as email notifications are turned on. Why? Because your forum will continue up-to-date with your visitors about new material that is posted in your community. This is beneficial to your users too. How?

For instance, for example, Mr. A should receive notification by email of all replies to his query. Is it not that obvious to ensure your website’s forum is managed correctly? But how do you go about it? Use OneSignal to push and MailChimp to send out email notifications.

How to Make Money With Your Forum Website

After you’ve set up your forum and it’s been successful, Let’s earn money by selling it. There are a variety of methods to do this, and I’ll share some with you.

Refer Your Visitors & Earn Affiliate Commissions

You can earn a percentage of the commission when you refer visitors to a product they will end purchasing. It’s called affiliate commission. Numerous affiliate programs range from Amazon Associates to Bluehost Affiliates to CJ.

Additionally, you can write guides, tutorials, or reviews about the services or products you would like to market. For instance, I’ve created an instructional video called “How to Install WordPress on Contabo VPS” to earn affiliate commissions with Contabo.

Earn money through Ad Networks

Making money from ad-based networks such as AdSense, Ezoic, or MediaVine is also a good forum idea. Users visit your forum to view advertisements from these networks, and a few users click on them. Here’s how to do it:

  • You can go to an ad-based network such as AdSense
  • Click on ‘Get Started’
  • Include information about you and your forum
  • Be patient and wait until the decision is approved
  • Follow the guidelines provided by the networks.

Your website might need to integrate some code to be displayed on the network advertisements. A higher rate of engagement on your ads will mean more revenue for you.

Offer Related Services

It’s my preferred method to earn money. Visitors to your forum site get a lot of information from you. They may also need to complete tasks. You can offer services that are relevant to your area of expertise and earn a significant income. For instance, I provide various digital marketing services, such as:

Create & Sell Info products like Courses, eBooks, or courses

Making money selling information items is among the fastest-growing online businesses around the world. It is possible to earn money making and selling information products such as books, webinars, or courses. For instance, you may have started a forum on affiliate marketing.

Informational products are simple to develop and sell. You can offer courses, webinars and ebooks, and more in line with your advertising strategies. They’re also free to store. Their marketing can be difficult, but not too much if you’re on an appropriate forum.

The steps you need to take are:

  • Request validation of your ideas in your forum
  • Do your research on the type of product you’ll produce
  • Create the most helpful content
  • Begin to promote the product on your forum

Then you have to take care of all the things in between, Of course. It is possible to employ one or two people or take advantage of one of the more committed forum members.

Sell Monthly Memberships

I do not have plans to sell monthly memberships to Forums. You can, however, do so when you’ve created a successfully paid forum. The people will certainly offer their money if they have created something worth their time. Numerous forums are offering paid memberships.

For instance, AffLift, for example, is among the fastest-growing websites to promote affiliate advertising. There are more than 50,000 members on the forum. They have an annual subscription that is $20 as well as an annual membership of $200. Imagine how much money you could earn from paid memberships.

Conclusion: How to Create Forum Website and Make Money

Forums have become an independent business within the world of online. You could profit from it. Similar to the traditional society online, the internet world is about providing value to the users. Therefore, if you can provide the value of your forum, it will flourish.

Here’s the outline of the steps you have to follow to set up an online forum:

  • Purchase an ideal domain (from NameCheap)
  • Choose the best hosting option to host your forums (from Bluehost or Contabo)
  • Select the right software to create an online forum (bbPress or ForoForum)
  • Make sure your forum is safe against spammers (Akismet)
  • Include categories and other content in your forum

Here’s how to can make your forum profitable:

  • Advertise the content of your forum through Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, and many other sites.
  • Giveaways and contests for prizes
  • Create a video that explains how readers can benefit from your course
  • Find useful discussion topics
  • Promote members through specific roles and badges
  • Be sure that push, as well as email notification, are turned on.

Do whatever is necessary to ensure that your forum is prosperous. Now, you must earn money by selling your forum.

Here’s how you can earn money through forums.

  • Earn money through the affiliate program (here are some tips to start)
  • Earn money with advertising media networks (AdSense as well as MediaVine)
  • Provide services that are related to your forum’s area of expertise
  • Sell and create information-related products
  • Offer paid memberships to your forum

Did you come across this instructional video on setting up an online forum site and making money off it? It’s the moment to tell us about your most preferred method for creating or promote and earn money through forums. Tell me via the comment section below.