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Elementor Website Builder  WordPress plugin

In today’s WordPress world there are many different plugins that can be used for creating websites. One popular example is the Elementor Website Builder. The Elementor Website Builder WordPress Plugin is a simple to use, easy to install and flexible plugin that creates websites quickly and easily. If you do not yet have a website built using WordPress, it may be time for you to consider trying this out as a potential way of creating your own website in WordPress.

Download Elementor Pro 3.3.1 Free License Key GPL

The Elementor Website Builder WordPress Plugin is very similar to others on the market. However, the Elementor Website Builder WordPress Plugin also has a number of unique features which allow it to stand out from the rest of the competition. In version 3.1. 4, the blog post element (which includes/has an xss vulnerability) now accepts an empty html_tag variable.

This means that the plugin will first check if there is a pre-existing XSS vulnerability and then attempt to fix it. A lot of people tend to use the word “XSS” (which is an acronym for Cross-Site Scripting) in a poorly written plugin/theme – but this can cause serious problems for your web hosting and WordPress installation in general. As a result of using a poorly written as a plugin by your competitor or some other source, WordPress will be at risk of not being able to open the website correctly when someone tries to open the website using an insecure link – leading to a security issue. As a result of this bug, all versions of the Elementor Website Builder WordPress Plugin will include an xss vulnerability checker that allows you to identify any potential XSS vulnerabilities.

So what does this mean for you as a developer? For anyone who hasn’t yet developed their own WordPress theme, it’s critical that you perform a thorough WordPress vulnerability scan to identify any possible XSS vulnerabilities in order to fix any potential issues in your code. Remember, the ‘base’ theme in Elementor is vulnerable to XSS attacks so you need to perform a search for vulnerable templates/style sheets that you can then update with the latest WordPress code. It should be noted that since the latest WordPress version has just been released (v3.0), many developers still have not upgraded their code to include the latest security enhancements. If you’re a developer who hasn’t updated to v3.0 yet, it’s definitely advisable that you perform your own WordPress vulnerability scan using the inbuilt WordPress updater (which is included in the Professional version) in order to remove any potential XSS risk.

Apart from that, it’s also recommended that you perform a search for vulnerable elements in the Elementor website builder WordPress plugin before upgrading to v3.1.4 to make sure that none of the newly added functions have made your website vulnerable to XSS attack. You might also want to consider whether or not there are any other plugins that you may want to install on your website. Many developers tend to add a number of plugins and at one time or another, these plugins can also be vulnerable to security vulnerabilities. However, it’s best to test whether or not your other plugins are affected by the latest vulnerability fixes before upgrading to v3.1. Similarly, if there are certain other aspects on your website that you would like to change, it is good practice to first search for the latest changes to these parts before updating your website to v3.1.4. Although, you should keep in mind that the Elementor website builder WordPress plugin and the code which run on the live server are written in PHP so you may be able to convert your codes to use the latest XML standards provided by Hypertext Preprocessor or XHTML.

This is great news for the aspiring website developer but what if you don’t really need to make huge changes to the look and feel of your website? What if you need only to move some files around or just update the theme? If this is the case, then you might not have to worry about the potential risk of Elementor v3.1.4 vulnerabilities. For instance, many people will purchase the upgrade to get the latest in WordPress features. And once they have it, they’ll forget about updating their website. In such a case, they run the risk of getting a fatal error telling them that their website is in an inconsistent state.