Free Download WoWonder 3.2 – The Ultimate PHP Social Network

WoWonderWoWonder, a PHP Social Network Script is the best way for you to create your own social network website.WoWonder Script DownloadIt is secure, fast, and will be updated regularly.

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WoWonder The Ultimate PHP Social Network

The WoW Wonderland Ultimate PHP Social Networking Software also allows you to build blogs. If you have a creative side, you can use your blog to express yourself. You will also be able to earn money from your blog through Google AdSense. Although not everyone uses blogs, those who do enjoy being able to make money from social networking.

WoWonder The Ultimate PHP Social Networking Platform is a user-friendly and easy-to-use, open source solution for building social networking applications. It is free and cross-browser and Linux-based. With its simple-to-use admin panel, you can easily create, customize, and deploy your social networking application. If you are an expert in creating your own user profiles, you will enjoy working with WoWonder The Ultimate PHP Social Networking Platform.

Wo Wonderland started as a simple website based on WordPress. It was then decided to try to make it a “production” site. Although the site is quite simple in design, it offers many features that are useful for building a social network site. It includes forums, group calendars, shared files, blogs, photo galleries, unlimited customization and much more.

With Wo Wonderland The Ultimate PHP Social Networking Platform, you will be able to build various features that are helpful for social networking. One such feature is the “profile finder”. Through this feature, people browsing your site will be able to search for people based on their name, age, location, email address or any other information you provide them. This will help you gather leads, especially when you allow other members to search for profiles they are interested in. There are also advanced features such as photo galleries and blogs that are built-in.

Another helpful feature is the “customize my profile” function. Here, you can change certain aspects of your page. You can choose what kind of text you want to display in the header, footer and side box. With this function, you get to fully customize your page, even if you aren’t an expert in web development. Just use your creativity to make things as exciting and creative as you want them to be.

Aside from the social networking features that WoW Wonderland has to offer, it is also easy to build your own websites. If you are a beginner with this kind of thing, you will still find it easy to build a website since most of its features are built using PHP and MySQL. You don’t have to worry about anything when building your own website because everything you need are already built into the software. You can use a free hosting account to start your website. You may also be able to register a domain name through the website builder if you wish.

WoWonder PHP Scripts – Features

  • High Performance and High Level Cache System
  • Wonder (New Feature).
  • RTL Support
  • Login to Social Media
  • Simple and attractive URL
  • User Last Seen
  • Notification for Profile Visit
  • Friends & Follow System
  • Home/News Feed
  • User Timeline
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Games
  • Support for Social Videos
  • Photo Album
  • Cover Image
  • Profil Picture
  • Privacy of the User
  • Information about the User Profile
  • Notifications
  • #Hashtags
  • @Mentions
  • Post Publisher
  • Delete and Edit Posts
  • Save Posts
  • User Events
  • Recent Search
  • Privacy Post
  • Likes
  • Like
  • Comment & Replies
  • Search
  • Reports
  • Chat live
  • Messages
  • API
  • Activities
  • Multi Languages
  • Verified Profiles/Pages
  • Fully responsive on all devices and browsers
  • Email password recovery
  • Online user counter at admin & homepage
  • Auto detector