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Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

The Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin is an easy-to-use gallery creation widget for WordPress. With just one click, you can display unlimited, high-quality photos in your WordPress newsfeed. It’s perfect for showcasing high quality photos you’ve taken on vacation, on your trip, or as a result of an event you’ve attended. It’s also ideal for showcasing any kind of image you have on your computer or your digital camera. With the Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin installed on your blog or website, your photos will look great in your newsfeed every time your visitor loads up your page!

This is a plug-in that provides several custom taxonomies, which allows for flexible customization. With one click, you can display different types of grids for your posts, your categories, and your custom lists. There are several themes that use the default grid styles, so it’s very simple to switch between them once you find one that works well with your content. For example, if you have a post grid that displays your most recent content first, you can change it to Show All Content to hide the initial post from your most recent updates, or hide a category so that the rest of your posts are automatically displayed. You can also change the color of your grids to better match your color scheme. If you prefer a custom look, you can easily change the style sheet on the fly.

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin Features

  • YouTube Channel with Video Tutorials for Beginners
  • All-Purpose Use
  • Boxed, full-width, and full-screen layouts
  • Rows/Columns/Spacings Adjustable
  • Images, Youtube & Vimeo Videos, HTML5 Self-Hosted video, iFrame Content
  • Content Sources: Post, Custom Posts, Pages, WooCommerce and Gallery
  • Different Animation Types and Preloaders
  • There are many examples of skins for sale
  • Responsive and Mobile Optimized
  • Visual Skin Editor: Create and customize your skins quickly
  • Easy Import/Export Skins
  • Add Custom Skins to Plugin Install, One Click Installer
  • Additional options for posts: Custom metas
  • Modifications of skin based on custom post-processing: There are special rules for posts
  • Video Tutorials & Documentation
  • You can customize the transition speed (individual or global)

This is a great plugin, because it gives you instant access to a large number of screenshots. With a click of the mouse, you can take a snapshot of anything on your screen. This plugin uses Open Flickr images as its source. You can change the source and choose different sizes and widths to customize the snapshot you take.

Create an unlimited number of customizable Screenshots in just one click. When you install this plugin, it installs a custom dashboard that allows you to create and store as many screenshots as you like. When you activate the plugin, it will prompt you to name your new Sc screenshots. You can name them by file type, title, or category. You can also choose an unlimited number of files to be stored in your Sc screenshot folder. You can even change the size of the folder with the size options that this plugin provides.

This is a nice little customization plugin that enables you to control how your custom taxonomy views your posts. You can create and change your taxonomic structures with one click. You can also change the total number of views, which allows you to specify an amount of views that the post or page can have. The plugin also provides support for custom taxonomy key/value fields. With this powerful feature, you can set arbitrary keywords to search in your posts or page.

Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plug in allows you to manage content views in a way that is customized to your needs. It is a quick and easy way to change your default content view. It also comes with numerous themes to choose from. You can change your look with this flexible and useful plugin. With the different plugins provided by Essential Grid Gallery, you can quickly and easily change your website’s look and feel for the optimal user experience.