Randy Moss Net Worth: How Rich Is Randy Moss Worth In 2017


Randy Moss Net Worth

Randy Moss net worth is $25 million and he is a retired football player. Critics consider him one of the greatest players in the History of the game. He used to play in Wide Receiver position.

  • Full Name: Randy Gene Moss
  • Net Worth: $25 Million
  • Occupation: Football player
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: African American

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Randy Moss Early Life

Randy Moss was born on February 13th, 1977 in West Virginia. From childhood Randy was closer to his mother and only talked to his father occasionally. This strained relationship became worse when Randy became famous. He admitted that these days he has very little relationship left with his father.

From his college day’s people started noticing Randy’s talent in Football. He was well built and fast and looked like a perfect athlete. He earned “All –America” honor while playing Football for his college. He first got a chance to play in NFL in 1998 when Minnesota Vikings. This was the start of a long association as Randy went on to play 7 more years for this team.

In 2007 Randy Moss joined New England Patriots but he came back to the Minnesota Vikings in 2010. His speed and strength are the reasons that helped his teams in winning some great games at the NFL. Randy Moss was considered as talented as some of the all time great players of NFL like Bo Jackson and Chad Johnson.

At the end of his career Randy Moss also played for San Francisco 49ers. He decided to retire from the game in 2011, but he announced on his birthday in 2012 that he wants to play again. His long career definitely helped him in growing Randy Moss net worth farther.

Personal Life And Controversies

Randy Moss’s life is no short of any drama. Randy Moss girlfriend Libby Offutt gave him five children, but they never got married.

It was reported that once Randy Moss was driving a car in his hometown and traffic officer saw that he was about to take an illegal turn. In order to stop him from doing that the traffic officer lay down in front of Randy Moss car, but instead of stopping the car Randy drove over and knocked out the traffic officer. Randy Moss was arrested because of this incident.

He smoked Marijuana several times and his entire life was full of controversies like that.

Violence Against Women

The worst controversy Randy had to face in his life when it was reported that Randy seriously injured one of his dates. The woman was brutally bitten and she alleged that Randy had illegal firearms. But randy did a press conference on the next day and told the press that there was no such incident and that woman was only looking for a big pay out from him.


Randy Moss is also considered a big giver; he donated lots of his own earnings for the benefit of under privileged children. The sportsperson said that he loves seeing smile on children’s face. He is very enthusiastic about helping the kids in making a career in Football.

Randy Moss net worth is $25 million which is definitely one of the best among NFL players. He is one of the great personalities who not only entertained his fans with his talent but also with his fun personality.

One of the funniest incidents in his NFL career was when he pulled down his pant to moon the Green Bay fans.


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