Kendall Jenner Net Worth: How Rich Is Kendall Jenner Worth In 2017


Kendall Jenner Net Worth

Her Modelling Career

Jenner’s long limbed, raven haired and luminescent fair skin’s made her fit for modelling vocation which started flourishing on fourteenth year. In 2009, she had her modelling project in Forever 21 and seen in Teen Vogue Photoshoot on April 2010. One of the highlights of her career in 2011 was when she modelled for Sherri Hill in New York Fashion Week and when Seventeen Magazine hailed her together with her sister Kylie as Style stars of 2011. Towards the end of 2012, she has her photo shoot at Flavour Magazine. In November 2013, her career flowered when she had a contract with The Society Management. Besides this, she walked for Fashion Weeks in New York for Marc Jacobs and Chanel.

The year 2014 was one of her vital years when Chanel Paris declared her as the “It Girl“. Additionally, she turned into the face of Estee Lauder where the Instagram account had 50,000 new followers. Side by side with this, she became 1st on the followed models and 2nd in twitter after Tyra Banks. Furthermore, she happened to be the most Googled model in this year.

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In 2015, she achieved the new face of Calvin Klein jeans. She also walked for Autumn/ Winter 2015 Fashion weeks New York for Chanel haute Couture and Marc Jacobs
Her Fame In Acting

Jenner initially showed up in El reality show Keeping Up with Kardashans. One Call’s Blacklight Video featured her together with Ashley Benson and Kevin Mchale and in I Ka Wa Mamua episode of Hawaii Five – 0. She also had her voiceover as a cast in Shakesparagus season 2, episode 23. Then, Party Next Entryway featured her and Sister Kylie with Drake.

Her Hosting Career

Jenner enjoyed hosting career with her younger sister Kylie. They hosted Glee: The 3D Concert Movie at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, California last 2011 and The Vow in Hollywood, California last 2012. Aside from this, she talked with the cast of Hunger Games in the Bing Box at Nokia Theater in L.A.

Her Passion And Ideas In Writing

Jenner and her sister pursued their writing career. In fact, they co-wrote novel Rebels: City of Indra with professional writer Maya Sloan in 2014. However, critics condemned the novel upon discharge as a ghost written work, which provoked Sloan to clarify that the Jenner sisters’ assembled and modified the book.

Her Own Business

Last 2013, Jenner declared the Kendall Jenner “The Kendall & Kylie Collection” with Pacsun followed by a Jewelry business with Kendall Jenner Pascal Mouawad’s Glamhouse and a shoe and handbag business for Madden Girl line. She is a standout amongst the persuasive teenagers of 2014.

Her Childhood Days

Her birthplace was in Los Angeles, California by her parents, Bruce Jenner (Olympic Decathlete) and Kris Jenner (Television Personality). She has eight half siblings and one younger sister names Kylie. She and her sister Kylie grew up in Los Angeles. They went to Sierra Canyon School right before transferring to home schooling for them to concentrate on their modelling. Jenner finished her high school in 2014.

Her Private Life

Last 2014, she bought a Kendall Jenner $1.4 million two-room, 2.5- shower apartment suite in Los Angeles in her official abode.

Jenner had a long term secret relationship with Julian Brooks that suddenly revealed on social media. However, the relationship resulted into broke up caused by Brook’s unfaithfulness to her.


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