Jordan Belfort Net Worth: How Rich Is Jordan Belfort Worth In 2017

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

The Limelight And Obscurities Of Being An Entrepreneur

From a merchant of Italian Ice earning $20,000 to a door to door seller of seafood and enlisting a few representatives, Belfort transformed into one of the originators of Straton Oakmont that promoted penny stocks and bamboozled investors providing fake stock arrangements. This started his limelight where he built up a way of life that consists of rich gatherings and escalated use of recreational medications.

However, he wasted his money luxuriously. Authorities began to question the business dealings of Straton Oakmont that resulted to its complete shutdown in 1995 where he became guilty in this fraudulent activity that caused his imprisonment for twenty two months. Consequently, FBI ordered him to pay $110.4 million for the scammed stock holders and the US Government requested him to pay $10,000 every month in his whole life. However, he promised that he will also give his earnings in public speaking in addition to his compensation to the victims.

Being A Motivational Speaker And Author

After everything that happened in his past, he started a new career. As a motivational speaker, he shared business advice which he learned from his past experiences. He has a rate of $30,000 – $ 75,000 in every speaking session with him and $80,000 for him to conduct a seminar. His focused on his talks were mostly about encouragement and business ethics. Then sales skills and entrepreneurship come next.

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During his imprisonment, he shared his cell to Tommy Chong who inspired him to write his life experiences being a stockbroker and became his lifetime friend. He mentioned to the listeners how insatiable he was before and he even shared that aspiring for ambition is good and he still aims for success. In addition to his success as a speaker, he published his memoirs, The Wolf of Wall Street, and was the premise for the 2013 Martin Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street, featuring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Jordan Belfort Early Days

His birthplace is at Bronx, New York City wherein a Jewish family raised him. His parents Leah and Max Belfort, both accountants, raised him in Bayside Queens. Just after finishing secondary education and before starting College, he and his childhood friend Elliot Loewenstern earned $20,000 in selling Italian Ice then he went to Baltimore College of Dental Surgery to pursue his career. However, the Dean mentioned that the Golden Age of Dentistry has gone and if they want a higher pay, it is not the right place to be. After this, he went to American University where he finished his course in Biology.

Jordan Belfort Expensive Yacht

He was the last to own a lavish Jordan Belfort yacht. Nadine named after Carridi first made for Coco Channel in 1961. Unfortunately, he did not listen to the captain’s advice not to sail on high winds and the yacht sank. Critics mentioned him being under the influence of drugs when he did this.

Jordan Belfort Private Life

His marriage with Denise Lombardo did not work and got divorced so he married Nadine Caridi where he had two children that resulted to another divorced in back 2005 because of domestic Violence and excessive of drugs. As of 2013, his fiancee Anne Koppe lends a hand in managing his business in Manhattan Beach, California where he presently lives.


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