helen hunt plastic surgery In 2017


helen hunt plastic surgery

Helent Hunt has recently appeared with a very younger and fresher look while attending 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards in California. Of course, she looks so much different when she was caught on Papparazi lens while having a holiday in Hawaii at 1st December 2009. So then, many think that she spent her time to visit the plastic surgeon’s office to enhance her look.

If we are looking at the photo when she was on Holiday in Hawaii, it’s obvious that she has a lot of wrinkles, lines and also sagging skin around her face and neck area. While the photo that was taken on 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards in California reveals that she has no serious wrinkles and sagging skin. She looks much younger than before. So, it is possible that she has had plastic surgery to reduce the wrinkles and sagging skins.

helen hunt plastic surgery

Comparing the before and after photos, it is obvious that her new face has less wrinkles, which indicates that she could have a deal with Botox injection. In addition to Botox, it is also possible that she has a facelift performed as her facial appearance free from sagging skin and lines. Moreover, it has to be mentioned that she is likely having a neck lift and laser treatment to tighten and smooth out the skin around the chin and jaw line area.

Well, Helen Hunt has successfully transformed her facial appearance; she looks much younger than before. Thanks to her plastic surgeon…

What do you think? Does she look better after surgery? Please feel free to speak your mind….


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