Frankie Muniz Net Worth: Biography And Wiki In 2017

  • Full Name: Francisco Muniz IV
  • Net Worth: $40 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, Musician, Car racer, Writer, and Producer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Italian and English

Frankie Muniz Net Worth

He was born on December 5, 1985, and was named Francisco Muniz IV. He is a well-known actor, car racer, producer and even a musician. He was first depicted in a sitcom entitled Malcolm in the Middle which actually awarded him an in the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.
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In his age, he was considered to be one of the richest and highly earning teenagers by 2003. No one ever saw Muniz’ interest in car racing, not until he started to pursue in launching his Frankie Muniz car racing career in 2008.

Frankie Muniz’ Career

Frankie was born in New Jersey to Denise and Francisco III. His mother was a professional nurse, while his father owned his own restaurant. At the age of 8, Frankie was first depicted in a talent show in North Carolina; however, his family had to move to New Jersey for some family problems. Unfortunately, Frankie was not one of those kids who had strong family ties, since his parents had to have their marriage divorced.

In 2000, Frankie earned his own award in the Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award as the Young Star Award for performing in the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle which was previewed by almost 27 million watchers. He never failed in his performing skills and was actually part of different shows like Sabrina, the Teenage With, MADtv, and Lizzie McGuire. He also dubbed voices for some characters in animated movies which led him to earn a lot of rewards.
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By 2006, Muniz decided to have a break with his acting career and lifted his attention with his interest in car racing. He did well in this field and even a 2-year contract with the Jensen Motorsport which participated in the BMW competition. He joined the massive competition in the Formula BMW USA season. Despite his outraging car racing career, due to his wrist injury, Muniz had to end his interest in this field.

In 2012, Muniz was reportedly hospitalized for having a heart attack and even had a mini stroke that year when he was speaking about his experience in Katie. Doctors said that this only happens to individuals with the age of 45, which shocked Muniz a lot. He claimed that he no other vices, but driving. He even claimed that he never smoked, drink and never tried drugs.(See Also: Sig Hansen Net Worth: How much is Sig Hansen worth In 2017)
Muniz was flexible with everything he does. And everyone was surprised that he had been involved with the music industry as a drummer of this said band You Hang Up. Everyone thought about him as a young actor, but he claimed that this was what he really wanted when he was a kid.

Frankie Muniz’ Dating Line

Frankie Muniz has never been intrigued with his personal life, not until he dated an owner of the Arcadia Vintage –  Elycia Maria. They got engaged and had their wedding dated on January 2015.

His acting career slowed down, but his personal life was filled with happiness and support from his family and friends.


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