Evidence From Sufferers Indicate Nerve Gas in Syria Attack

From the beginning, the chemical strike that eliminated dozens of individuals in north Syria on Tuesday early morning looked various from the chlorine gas attacks regularly used by the Syrian military. Photos as well as videos showed targets with symptoms constant with serious exposure to a nerve agent or other fatal material
Clinical employees as well as witnesses said that chlorine attacks, which have ended up being frequent in north Syria, usually kill just a few people, often those entraped in an encased area, as well as the gas dissipates quickly. This time around, they saw individuals breaking down outdoors, in much larger numbers, and also loads of people passed away.
Witnesses stated the gas was provided by a federal government airstrike. The attacks raised the possibility that the Syrian government utilized a prohibited nerve agent, like sarin, after it concurred in 2013 to remove its chemical weapons program.

In this strike, the signs and symptoms included pupils reduced to pencil-point dots, a marker associated with direct exposure to nerve agents. One physician published proof of what he was seeing.

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