Burt Reynolds Net Worth Biography Career Age In 2017

Burt Reynolds Net Worth
  • Full Name: Burton Leon Reynolds
  • Net Worth: $185 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, Director, and Producer
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: English

Burt Reynolds Net Worth

He was born on February 11, 1936, and was considered to be one of the well-known actor, director and at the same time producer in his own ways. He performed different roles in his entire career, and one of those would be in the films of The Longest Yards, Deliverance and so on. As a passionate actor, director, and producer, his hard work provided him success and he was rewarded twice in the Golden Globe Awards.(See Also:Aretha Franklin Net Worth: How much is Aretha Franklin worth In 2017)
His parents Burton Milo Reynolds and Fern Reynolds had Dutch and Danish ancestors; however, Burt was born in Waycross, Georgia since his father joined the United States Army. Reynolds didn’t start to be a passionate actor way back in high school, he was just like one of those teenagers who loved to play football and received a multitude of scholarships from different professional schools. He entered at Palm Beach Junior College, where he started all his dreams and passion in producing stage plays.

Reynolds’ Career

Reynolds was never confident that he was good in acting, and so he had a chance to accept the scholarship offered by Hyde Park Playhouse, he saw this as an opportunity to reach his goal and that is to be a professional actor. Joanne Woodward, which Reynolds met, later on, helped him reach his goal and he was fortunate enough to be successful when he took part in Tea and Sympathy.(See Also: Kirk Cameron Net Worth: How much is Kirk Cameron worth In 2017)
Years have passed, and Reynolds never stopped pushing hard to make his career remarkable for his performance to be a legacy in the eyes of his audiences. He has earned the respect that he ever wanted since he was a kid, but he never stopped there.  He even played the role in low paid films, one of those was entitled Operation CIA which took place in Vietnam. No one ever imagined that this low paid film was his stepping stone of having more offers from highly budgeted American films.

Reynolds may have been successful with his career; however, he had a massive financial problem which was caused by his sudden divorce with Loni Anderson and failure with his business interest – restaurants.

Reynolds’ Marriage

Burton Reynolds was not only known for his persuasive performance in the stage but was also known for his involvement with the different woman whom he dated all throughout his entire career. One of them would be Tammy Wynette, Adrienne Barbeau and so on. However, there was this only woman who had the attention of the people, and that would be Dinah Shore who was actually years ahead of him.(See Also: Chris Bosh Net Worth: How much is Chris Bosh worth In 2017)
Reynolds married Judy Carne, and they had it divorced right after 2 years. And even though they only had a chance to be together for 2 years, Reynolds stopped talking to her for about 6 years in total for having a devastating hardship in accepting that they had to end their marriage that fast. In 1988, he got married to Loni Anderson, to whom he legally processed her son’s adoption and unfortunately had to end due to massive financial failure.

Reynolds’ Properties

Burt Reynolds was not only well known for his acting skills but was also active in the business world. He opened his own restaurant named Burt Reynolds Burt’s Place which was located in Atlanta, Georgia.(See Also: Jada Pinkett Smith Net Worth: How much is Jada Pinkett Smith worth In 2017)
Tampa Bay Bandits was also one of his attention getters since he was one of the owners of this football team which sponsored a lot of Burt’s properties.


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